Want to Feel Extra Fancy?

You definitely do ;)

Blush pink, canary yellow and velvety blue sapphires on an irregular shaped handmade band make up the truly unique Fiesta ring.

It sparkles and it shines, it's the ring people will gasp and ask you 'where did you get that from?'

Your only problem is that you won't be able to decide whether you want it in silver or gold because it looks great in both.

& trust me, that can become a big problem.

Discover more of the extra fancy Fiesta ring here in gold, and here in sterling silver.

Additional Information We don't have your ring size in stock? No matter what ring style, we can order your size in for you.

Just reach out to us via our online chat or email us at to discuss further.

If you don't know your ring US ring size but know your countries, try using our ring size conversation chart here, or order our complimentary ring sizing tool here.

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