Why we Love the Perlazuli Earring

Firstly, it looks incredible but wait there's more...

It's an illusion piece, if you know us by now (which we think you do) we're obsessed with illusion jewellery here at Jeryco Store.

No 2. By looking at the Perlazuli you wouldn't think it only requires one piercing.

Let us tell you how its done..

A hooked freshwater pearl piece curls from the lobe up towards the tragus, while the Lapis Lazuli drops below.

Ta da!

3. This single style piece looks fantastic with your hair tied up off the neck, worn alone or layered up with other accessories.

The design highlights the beauty between difference and balance...I know, right!

It's handcrafted in NYC and more importantly with ethically sourced materials which is really important to us here at Jeryco.

Want to see more of the Perlazuli earring in gold? Click here, and in sterling silver here.

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