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    By Knobbly Studio


    A stunning pearl drop in a three-pronged cage on a petite gold vermeil box chain. Thread through single or multiple piercings. So lightweight you will barely feel you are wearing it.


    Total length is 10cm.


    Add quantity two to cart for a pair, alternatively you can accessorise with Knobbly Studio's Pearl Double Threader earring as pictured.


    About the designer


    A self-taught designer with a background in martial arts and dance, Knobbly Studio's Gittit Szwarc focuses strongly on the lines of the human body: replicating them, responding to them, directing attention to specific structures. Her jewels, hand-crafted in Tel Aviv, Israel are streamlined and stripped of as many elements as possible to focus on lines and textures.

London, United Kingdom ¦

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